Fire Engineering and Investigations

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Fire Engineering Division administers licensing programs and performs engineering functions affecting consumer services and product evaluation, approval and listing. The program requires staff with academic training in fire protection engineering and other disciplines, as well as technical expertise in laboratory testing procedures. The division is responsible for 11 statewide programs, which includes the Building Materials Listing; Portable Fire Extinguishers; Flame Retardant Chemicals and Fabrics; Vapor Recovery; Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems; Arson Bomb Investigation; Licensing Enforcement and Inspection; Laboratory Accreditation; Fireworks; and Motion Picture and Entertainment. The Fire Engineering Division's primary functions are licensing, product approval, and licensing enforcement.

COVID-19 Update Information

Published: March 2020

As the global effect of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, the CAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has closed most of the public counters statewide effective immediately. During this time, no Fire Engineering and Investigations applications will be accepted in person. Take a moment to review the Information Bulletin 20-001 regarding front counter closures.

All licenses or correspondence shall be mailed to: Fire Engineering and Investigations, 710 Riverpoint Ct., Sacramento, CA 95605. ATTENTION: Fire Engineering and Investigations Division. If you have questions, please contact Fire Engineering Staff using the e-mail addresses listed in the referral guide, located at

Smoke Alarm Report

Person testing a smoke alarm

On January 13, 2011, CAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal convened representatives from various disciplines related to smoke alarms to form the Smoke Alarm Task Force. Their purpose was to address the understanding, utilization, and effectiveness of smoke detection technology including ionization and photoelectric, and other technologies, complying with current California State Fire Marshal listing standards, and used in residential occupancies as required by California regulations. The final Analysis and Recommendation Report to the California State Fire Marshal documents the understanding and utilization of smoke alarm technology through the review and examination of current/relevant studies, reports, and/or scientific data.

Download the Smoke Alarm Task Force Final Report (PDF)